Saturday, July 28, 2012

Swimming towards pie

This is why I online do Weight Watchers online now. I know "they" say that going to group meetings is helpful in weight loss but so many times the people there would just be so whiny and would complain about not being able to eat the whole pie or not being able to drink ALL the water (seriously people, 64 oz of water is NOT that much in a day. I down that before work). One complaint I will always remember is the woman who was so upset because she loved Arby's Market Fresh sandwiches but they were 18 POINTS (this was before the Points plus system but I'm sure they are still quite high. For those not familiar with WW, the points you can have per day depend on your weight but generally range from 18 to 32 - so you can see why an 18 point meal was not a good idea). The leader kept trying to help her figure out how she could have "some" of the sandwich (since the whole point of WW is to not deprive yourself and you can eat whatever you want within reason) but this woman didn't want to eat just half the sandwich or only eat the sandwich once a month...she wanted that whole freaking sandwich on what seemed like a daily basis. I really wanted to jump up and say "just eat the freaking sandwich, stop coming to WW and be fat the rest of your life because that's what's going to happen". Life is all about choices and this woman was choosing to eat the sandwich but didn't want to face the consequences. And she though if she made enough excuses as to WHY she couldn't just have half, or WHY she couldn't just eat it once in a while that would justify it (and she would lose weight). So I log my points online and I don't go to meetings. I read inspiration blogs like BitchCakes and WW's CEO. And I try not to swim towards pie.

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