Sunday, November 25, 2012

Running in T-Town

Since I knew I would be in Topeka for Thanksgiving I looked to see if there were any 5K events I could participate in to help offset the Thanksgiving feast (not to mention my sister's cupcake creations). On I found The Rescue Run, a 5K event to benefit the Topeka Rescue Mission. Although it was a night event and I prefer morning runs, I signed up.

Here's me crossing the finish line (photo compliments of My only complaint is they started everyone at the same time even though there was a crowd of people so my chip time would have been a little better (maybe by a minute) than what you see on the clock. My official time was 42:17.9 with a pace of 13:38/M. Not spectacular but pretty average for my 5K times.

And this song was playing on Pandora as I finished up and crossed the line - loved that!

The really cool part was that after the 5K was over they had a Christmas Parade.
 And here's me with my sweet little niece Jenna.
*Thanks to hubby for taking the two pictures above.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Early Turkey Trot

This Saturday I participated in the Brighton Turkey Trot. It was a lovely sunny Saturday morning (also my husband's birthday but he didn't mind that I spent the morning trotting along instead of eating birthday cake).

Here's my results from their email:
Thanks for participating in the Brighton Turkey Trot 5K Run.

You placed 566th out of 678 finishers in a time of 41:46 for a pace of 13:27 per 

Your chip time was 41:20.

Out of 389 women you finished 305th. The winning time for women was 17:58.

For 40 to 44 year old women you were 43rd out of 55 finishers. The winning time 
for your age and sex was 22:39.
Not too exciting - pretty typical for me for a 5K. Someday I hope to actually run one!