Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Red Rocks Pre and Post

Way back in March I signed up for the Red Rocks Fitness Challenge.
The 13 workouts at Red Rocks on Saturday mornings at 7am were awesome (tough but awesome). Saturday July 28th was the last one and on Sunday the 29th I went in for my post assessment. Here's how I did in three months:

Number of pushups in 1 minute: BEFORE = 16 AFTER = 29 (that's 13 more!)

Number of sit ups in 1 minute: BEFORE = 13 AFTER = 21 (that's 8 more!)

Number of step ups in 3 minutes: BEFORE = 103 AFTER = 109 (that's only 6 more but an increase is an increase)

Resting heart rate: BEFORE = 70 AFTER = 58

I lost 9 pounds, 1.6% of body fat and a total of 12.5" from my chest, waist, hips and right arm.

I'd say I kicked butt!

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