Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bad habits be gone!

If only it were that easy, right? Oh sure I can identify the bad habits that have lead to my regaining of some of the hard lost weight 2012 (about 9lbs). But it seems more difficult to actually DO something about them. And now it's almost the end of February. This blog post on LiveWell Colorado's website today was a helpful reminder that although those bad habits may creep back, it's up to me to do something about getting rid of them and getting back on track. Here's another good post about getting back on track.

So the first thing I have to do is resume the good habit of faithfully tracking ALL my food each day. I resubscribed to WW online in January but have been very lax about consistent tracking. Oh I'll track breakfast and lunch but then forget about dinner or know that I've gone way over my points allowance so I will just "forget" to track a meal. I know that when I do track and keep my points in the target range I do lose weight. So why don't I do it? It's not difficult (goodness knows I've got internet access most all of the time and I have the app on my iPad) but I just get lazy about it. Thursdays are my weight tracking day and first day of the new week so I've gotten back on track and tracked my breakfast, lunch and snack along with my workout from this morning. Tonight is my OTF night so I'll probably just do some soup for dinner.

The second thing I need to do is come up with a more consistent workout plan. I have been better about getting to the gym but I think I really need to focus on what I want to accomplish and what exercises/activities will get me there. It would be great if I could work with a fitness coach or something - maybe I should check into 24 hour's trainer program.

The third thing I must do is get rid of the Girl Scout cookies and other such food in the pantry and refrigerator.. I just can not have that stuff in the house. At all. If it's there it calls to me and before I know it I've eaten a whole box of cookies, or chocolate covered peanuts, or potato chips (which I don't track because that would just put me way over in my points). The bad thing is I do like to have a treat once in a while so perhaps I will put them in the garage in the cooler which will require major effort to get so I'll only do that when I really want the treat.

And I really need to keep this song in my head:

Okay, I'll keep you posted on how I do getting Back on Track!

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